I currently find myself in a bit of a financial mess after sticking my head in the sand about money for my entire adult life.  I made some big bold decisions a couple of years ago to help my family, but that’s not what landed me in the hot water.  My mess is 100% created by me!

I consider this my “coming out” statement to the world.  This is one of those panic attack inducing topics for me and the past couple of days have been hard as I’ve really worked to come to terms with it.  BUT, yesterday, I was having a conversation with a close friend and as I was talking, I realized that no matter what kind of situation I land myself in, I ALWAYS make a plan.  Making a plan is my super power and that was what I wrote about in my gratitude journal for yesterday.

Making a plan is my super power!

Most of the time, I’m developing plans for others… sometimes because I’m asked, but more often than not, I do it because I just can’t help myself.  I’m addicted to continuous improvement and I may be a little hard for some people to love me because of that trait.

I’m still baking my financial plan, but the first element is to lay it all out and call a spade a spade (done).  The second is to investigate options I might pursue.  Yesterday was dedicated to that endeavor and here was my ah-ha moment: At first glance, a debt management plan (DMP) seemed like the way to go.  The offer was to save $150 a month by combining all my payments in to one and pay a lump fee every month for 4 1/2 years.  Sounded like a win to me, but I couldn’t get the credit counselor I needed to speak with to return my call all day long.  Sometimes, the universe throws a wrench in my plans and slows me down.  Two years ago, I would have charged right on demanding someone speak to me and getting the thing in place, but yesterday, my spidy-sense kicked in and I took a breath.  When I looked at things again, I realized that if I used the resources I have, I could save more than $500 a month in payments and have a few things paid off within two months!

I had a few other revelations yesterday too that are helping me to get my shit together.  Between that and the fact that I’m a smart girl with a lot of skills and determination, I know I can whip things in to shape quicker than I can even imagine as I write this post.