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Unicorn Assholes

The “Unicorn Asshole” is the affectionate term I use to refer to my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  I am an INTJ which is evidently one of the more rare combinations and even more so in the female population.  Pinterest got me interested in the whole MBTI thing and it’s answered a whole lot of questions about why I am the way I am (it’s also where I found the image). My favorite sources from the big P around the INTJ type are:

If you don’t know your MBTI, I highly suggest taking the free quiz found at  The quiz is fun, but their website is full of information an it’s graphically AMAZING!  I promise you won’t be sorry you took the time to explore yourself using the tool.

Once I started hoarding knowledge about being an INTJ, I’ve become adept at identifying them, and it turns out, we tend to attract each other!  We’re not everyone’s cup of tea because we see opportunity for improvement EVERYWHERE.  We have very direct communication styles so we aren’t going to tell you how to do your thing better in a sugar coated way either.  We move forward, even when we’ve made a misstep, but you’ll probably never know we made a misstep in the first place.  We are the (wo)man with the plan in all situations, but we can, and most of the time prefer, to lead without authority.  It’s that whole introverted thing that probably saves us from being tarred and feathered on a regular basis.

The significance of being an INTJ plays out in so many elements of my life, so there are definitely going to be more posts illustrating the point.  The key takeaway for today though… Know your MBTI and embrace it!



Don’t Let it be the Enemy

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for three years.  Jeff Rakes  was the CEO while I was there and he frequently quoted Voltaire;  “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”  The Foundation was a place comprised almost entirely of type A overachievers, so perfectionism was truly an issue we struggled with as an organization.

I personally fit the mold in every way, and I find myself wrestling with this issue on this very blog.  This is a space I created not only to share my expertise in the areas where I’m really skilled, but I also want it to be a place I can talk about the things I struggle with.

I’ve spent the last two years making some monumental changes in my life and I’ve been taking a good hard look at myself in the process.  My MBTI (find yours here), my strengths as identified by StrengthsFinder, writing through The Desire Map and Designing Your Life, doing a couple of Brene Brown’s workshops on her website, and reconnecting with my family and my “roots” friends have helped me discover who I really am at this point in my life.  I’ve been able to see how I tend to get lost in certain roles I play in my life, and now, I’m seeing the parts I’ve been sticking my head in the sand about for all of my adulthood.  I’m getting to the really hard stuff, but it’s also going to be the stuff that helps me grow the most.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

So my commitment to myself is to write every day.  I learn, I struggle, I grow, I live this crazy life every single day… But I’ve got a lot to say and writing is how I process, my most articulate form of communication, and essential to my happiness, so I’m going to stop being afraid of it and just do it.  More on each of the tools above to come… Thanks for coming along on my journey!



Why I’m Qualified

Job hunting advice is the thing I get asked about most often, so I’m going to focus on that for a while and see where that takes us.  You may be asking, “what makes you qualified to give job hunting advice, Kerry?”  There are a few things actually…  First, I’ve done a LOT of it for a multitude of reasons and second, I’ve been pretty successful at finding amazing opportunities.

I graduated from college in 1999 and started doing something I knew I was going to hate before I spent one minute actually doing it.  Did I ever dream I’d have the career path I’ve taken at that point?  Of course not!

I quit teaching high school English after one semester without a new job to go to or any kind of a plan.  After laying on the couch wondering how I’ll ever find meaning in life again, my husband came home from work one day and said, “I don’t care what you’re doing as long as you get paid for it.”  I got the message loud and clear and the next day, I set out in my car looking for temp agencies (remember, this was back in the day).  The first one I walked in to had me take a basic Word and Excel test and they told me, “Charlie is looking for someone.”  I didn’t know who Charlie was, but I was game. The next day, I went to an office building in the industrial park where my parents had their business all my life and I walked inside a building that all but had tumbleweeds rolling through the halls it was so deserted.  Three days later, I started what would be a six year journey with a cocktail mix manufacturing company where I would find one of my callings in operations.

That company still has the record for my longest tenure, and it laid the foundation for my ability to take risks and see the world differently when things just aren’t working for me.  Sometimes you can change your circumstances within a company and sometimes you have to look elsewhere.  The main takeaway here is that you DO have the power to change your situation when your job isn’t serving you or your needs anymore.

Since the glory days of the cocktail industry, I’ve worked in insurance, education technology, big philanthropy, higher education, and now I find myself in international law.  I have a lot of strategies, tools and tips that have been key in the moves I’ve made over the years, so stay tuned as I dive in to those in my next post.

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